Hello Beauty, Welcome to Melody Lashes!

Almost everyone cherishes a dream of thick, dark eyelashes for a seductive look. They are a special facial accessory, which emphasizes its beauty and femininity in a special way. We at Melody Lashes have set ourselves the goal of making the dream of a magnetizing eye look come true for everyone. Melody Lashes stands for luxurious and vegan artificial eyelashes that fit every occasion and inspire every makeup lover!

Who or what are Melody Lashes?

With lots of love and a sense of perfection, we have painstakingly created eyelashes of excellent quality that are sustainable and easy to use. In the meantime, we have developed a huge range of luxurious artificial eyelashes of various styles, which individually provide the absolute “wow moment” and are suitable for any situation. With the artificial eyelashes from Melody Lashes, the feeling of beauty and luxury is taken to a new level. We combine premium quality products with wonderfully easy application and professional functionality to guarantee an unforgettable eye look! Our exquisite lashes are hand-tied, vegan and reusable.

We love quality!

Our products are absolutely user-friendly, functional and suitable for any occasion. The highlight in our brand story so far resulted in the course of this in 2019. In the 2019-2020 consumer elections, we were able to prevail as the first eyelash brand compared to all other products in eye cosmetics and were named the best product.

We focus on sustainability

We are producing sustainable high quality and user-friendly artificial eyelashes that beautify from the inside and outside. We create luxurious lashes for everyone and every occasion!

We are vegan!

We love animals and want to protect them. That’s why we only use vegan products to make our Melody Lashes. All our lashes are made from 100% synthetic hair.

Our products are reusable!

With our false eyelashes we wanted to create a product that does not produce unnecessary amounts of waste. With proper care they can be used about 15-25 times without losing beauty or wearing comfort.