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The synonym for the most glamorous eye look

Hello Beauty, Welcome to

Melody Lashes

Everyone cherishes the dream of having full, intense eyelashes for a charming look. Eyelashes are a special accessory for the face, which emphasizes its beauty in a special way. At Melody Lashes, we aim to make everyone's dream of an enchanting eye look come true. Here we tell a little of our brand story, of what inspires us, what moves us and what we strive for, because:

Life is a combination of magic and lashes.


award-winning eyelash brand. Our customers love the quality and usability of our eyelashes!


We use only synthetic materials for the production of our eyelashes


Made with premium material, our eyelashes can be reused without sacrificing in beauty or wearing comfort

who or what we are

Melody Lashes?

Melody Lashes was born out of our love towards the beauty and perfection of the eyes, which led us in the direction of careful research and hard work to create false eyelashes in a premium quality under the seal of sustainability and user-friendliness. Production of a wide range of eyelashes in different style resulted in presenting various collections for every situation and everyone needs. Our premium and luxurious false eyelashes bring an absolute “wow moment” that raise sense of beauty into a new level.

We ensure

luxury comfort!

We provide the ultimate comfort experience for our customers! Starting from the selection of materials up to the usability of our products, the comfort experience of our customers is our main concern! The ultra-soft cotton band and the form of the hair, ensure maximum wearing comfort!